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(technology behind interactive simulators in web)

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nice web simulators, e.g. of biomedicine:

Simulator of hemodynamics

or mathematic

Simulator of Lorenz Attractor

animation is driven by model variables

Heart valves animation

fine grain visualisation for experts

Hepcidine Animation

... of course. visualisation needs to be prepared

in Adobe Animate ...

... but Bodylight.js can integrate it seamlessly

interactive parameter change - see immediate effect

Hepcidine Animation

Powered by Bodylight.jsopen-source technology.


True in-browser experience. No server, no plugin, no addons needed.

Convert to native app for iOS or Android (using Apache-Cordova)


Ready for WebGL

Enhance 3D apps with physical, chemical, biological laws.

Ready for WebXR

Enhance virtual or augmented reality with simulators.

you can put simulators into 3D apps or virtual reality

Simulator in VR

powered by these technologies:

Web Components

Web Components standard

Design web simulator in HTML or Markdown with web components delivered by Bodylight.js library.
Modelica Write models using Modelica language.

Compile models to WebAssembly bringing near native speed of model simulation in browsers.

Animation designed in Adobe® Animate and exported as Create.js components

Follow step by step tutorial:

Simulator of Lorenz Attractor

Prototype and tools

Simulators: DEMO Scenarios Physiome Apps1.0 PV loops1.0 VirtualBodyWebGL Virtual Reality - breathingWebXR
Selected topics of human physiology with simulators: Hemodynamics
(CZ only)
Iron Metabolism
(CZ only)
Blood Gases
Physiolibrary v3.0(CZ only)

Blood Gases
new - pure Modelica
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic
model demoBodylight v1.0
Docs: Documentation - Reference Guide Tutorial Tools: Editor Composer1.0
Previous version of Bodylight.js framework.
Selected papers and presentation

[1] Kofránek J., Rusz J.: Restoration of Guyton's diagram for regulation of the circulation as a basis for quantitative physiological model development. Physiological Research 59,897-908,2010 PDF

[2] Mateják M.: Mateják, M. (2015) Formalization of Integrative Physiology. Dissertation, Charles University in Prague.

[3] Mateják M., Kulhánek T., Šilar J., Privitzer P., Ježek F., Kofránek J.: Physiolibrary - Modelica library for Physiology, In Conference Proceeding, 10th International Modelica Conference, March 12, 2014, Lund, Sweden, (DOI:10.3384/ECP14096499)

[4] Kulhánek T., Kofránek J.: Bodylight.js 2.0, In-browser web simulators using standard web components, OpenModelica/Modprod 2022 workshop PPTX presentation (80 MB with animation)

[5] Šilar J, Polák D, Mládek A, Ježek F, Kurtz T, DiCarlo S, Živný J, Kofranek J Development of In-Browser Simulators for Medical Education: Introduction of a Novel Software Toolchain J Med Internet Res 2019;21(7):e14160 URL: DOI: 10.2196/14160

[6] Bodylight.js 2.0 library: zenodo badge