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open-source technology to bring simple to complex mathematical models (60 000 algebrodifferential equation) to web apps

to support free or commercial simulators

e.g. in industry or medicine

see introductory presentation

or open it in separated tab:https://orgpad.com/s/HgVp12IQXiv

with nice web simulators of cardiac hemodynamics:

Simulator of Hemodynamics

or simulator of iron metabolism

Simulator of Iron Metabolism

or simulator of respiratory diseases

Simulator of Blood Gases

and other (30+) topics and simulators to be constructed in near future see egolem.online

Visualisation is driven by real scientific model.

Heart valves animation

Complex problems explained in game-like scenarios.

Hepcidine Animation

Comprehend physiology, pathophysiology and clinical physiology.

Hepcidine Animation

Powered by Bodylight.jsopen-source technology with true in-browser experience.

No server, no plugin, no addons needed.


Potential usage:

Simulators in web-books e/learning material.


Simulators as native apps for iOS or Android.


Simulators in application with 3D graphics or in virtual reality.

Simulator in VR

Simulators driving hardware mannequin and mockup of devices.

(giving pathophysiology insights of virtual patient)

demo HW mannequin and unique mockup of ECMO devices made by Innomech s.r.o. in Czechia

Bringing better understanding of complex problems in medicine and biology.

For students of medicine, physicians, clinical specialist, healthcare staff to learn and improve confidence in complex medicine.

For hospital department, simulation centers, healthcare industry to train their students, staff.

For patients and public to understand their condition and disease better.

powered by these standards and technologies:

Web Components

Web Components standard

Design web simulator in HTML or Markdown with web components delivered by Bodylight.js library.
Modelica Write models using Modelica language.

Compile models to WebAssembly bringing near native speed of model simulation in browsers.

Animation designed in Adobe® Animate and exported as Create.js components

Prototype and tools

Simulators: DEMO Scenarios Physiome Apps1.0 PV loops1.0 VirtualBodyWebGL Virtual Reality - breathingWebXR
Selected topics of human physiology with simulators: Hemodynamics
(CZ only)
Iron Metabolism
(CZ only)
Blood Gases
Physiolibrary v3.0(CZ only)

Blood Gases
new - pure Modelica
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic
model demoBodylight v1.0
Docs: Documentation - Reference Guide Tutorial Tools: Editor Composer1.0

Contact us at:



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[6] Previous version of Bodylight.js framework. Bodylight.js 1.0

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